EMLIFE is an ecological, conscious and global way of life that translates into a range of products in accordance with this philosophy.

Our objective is to respond to the growing concerns and current trends in health, ecology and community creation. With EMLIFE we achieve a better quality of life by investing in health, with organic products and within a related network.

A different and alive product

The basis of EMLIFE and one of the strong points is that the product is alive. There are no precedents for the distribution of this type of products. In EMLIFE we must guarantee the time and transport conditions, the storage and expiration. They are vital aspects in the most literal sense of the word!

So that all this is suitable, we understand that the only way is to transport the door of our laboratory to the door of the home. We do not want any of our products to spend a week exposed on a shelf, we are interested in the product being received in optimal conditions.

A committed community

EMLIFE is a community committed to obtain a joint benefit. Collaborators, partners, recommenders, prescribers, all with one common goal: to build a greener, conscious and global way of life.
If you pursue this same objective and want to invest in health in an ethical way, within a related community and in harmony, you can also be part of our project.